There are better ways to heat up our buildings

Burning material causes CO2 emissions - that is why we at Attiva are focused to help our customer to choose environmentally sustainable heating and cooling solutions. Our concept is based on free and waste energy such as air, geothermal, water and sun. We help you to reduce your heating and cooling energy need up to 70%.

Cafe Carusel in Helsinki is located by the sea - that is why we chose to use sea water instead of originally planned ten 200metersgeothermal wells. Today sea water combined with the 120kW heat pump system provides all heating and cooling for the restaurant all year long. The use of energy for heating and cooling decreased by 65%. And the investment was 28% less.

And if you want just get low emission heating and cooling without investment you can always choose us as your energy provider - we take care of planning, investment and operation. You just enjoy your environmental friendly choice for individual apartment building, chain house, office building or warehouse.